7 ways to convert Social media into customers

Social Media has been one of the strongest tool to communicate, in the current times. The key takeaway of Social Media is, it is two way communication, where feedback or query can be raised / flagged instantly and dispensation of information knows no boundaries, be it of time of country. Social Media has been very effective in not only spreading information but also constructive creation of narrative. The effect of social media has touched not only the individual or groups, the corporate giants are also exposed to power of social media, even the international politics gets influenced by social media. Another benefit of social media is, it is ruled and governed by facts and truth, where opinion also gets respected, but only as opinion and any individual’s opinion can’t be pushed as facts, as the social media is brutal in exposing lies, and hence the reliability of social media as communicating tool is notch higher then yester years tool like TV media or Print, where feedback redressal system is next to none or very slow or the least as ineffective.

There are right efforts been put up to positively channelized the reliability and credibility of social media into constructive creation of client base with right and timely information sharing, so as to assist both client and business / or activity one is attached to. However the flow chart of earlier medium of communication will be able to work with this novel medium. The medium has its specific benefits and thus it also demands specific requisite to be fulfilled to be effective tool for optimum results for the efforts taken

Following are the pointers, which when kept in consideration while utilizing social media for creating customers out of audience, will be helpful

  1. Be Factual and transparent – The new age audience rallies behind only convincing facts, the current social media audience is very brutal in thrashing of exaggerated commitments, as well as enforces accountability to the once committing, hence one of the first key point, is to be as elaborative and transparent as possible. Gone are those days when unnatural claims were given a miss or taken as face value, todays social media client will test check the facts, and then rally behind. Honesty is hailed and virally supported by social media, cutting across boundaries, it thus builds very high goodwill with much less expenditure in creation of public relation. A very important aspect for individuals, who after creating successful following / audience through social media, have a complete and detailed disclosure of any commercial activity to the audience. Which will only increases trust and in turn extrapolates the goodwill and helps in the activity / business.
  1. Audience is always Intelligent – This thumb rule of conventional business rules even in the virtual world. Window dressing of information and hiding certain aspect will not work in the information age, where any information is available by just one click. Respect the intelligence and emotional quotient of audience who are on way to be transitioned as customers. Any audience who senses respect for his opinion from his/her, more then often gets converted into loyal audience
  1. Have humor at tip of fingers and be interactive – What many companies have missed and thus failed in their social media marketing, is lack of interaction with the audience. The platform of social media is considered and used as one way route of publishing the notices or announcement, which will be more effective through other tools as well. However the Social Media’s USP is interaction and human touch without direct human interface. The one logging on social media, is already with some basic understanding, and what he or she looks for or expects is reply with human feel and not like recorded IVR on telephone or recorded TV commercial advertisement. Even in odd time or when company is back step, a confident communication with the audience bridges the gap of trust. A general rhetoric formal statement will not cut much of ice, but a humor induced confident assurance backed by facts and honest commitment, will not be heard but will also be supported with respect
  1. Customisation – Being Exclusive and away from herd is in fashion for today, every customer looks for that exclusive privilege and attention. One common message to all generally does not have mass reach and is also tendered a less effective, however catering to various interest and honestly addressing them even while engagement, ensures interest of audience is kept intact, and thus reliability quotient increases, which can be further channelized by transparent disclosure over commercial discussion and helps in successful transition of attentive audience to loyal customer.
  1. Focus – Focus is very important trait, which ensures wider attentive and credible audience. Jack of all trade and Master of none, rule applies here too, what social media audience looks for a reliable source of information with in-depth research and with facts on tip of fingers.
  1. Don’t oversell – Repeating and overdoing of any action or statement will backfire even if it is factually correct. Let the intelligence of audience be put to work, also give the audience feel of a situation, where they feel of being tested or pushed for analysis or to give feedback. Leaving the opinion or decision at the hand of audience is successful tool of engaging audience as customers, not only commercially but for any activity, where the interests of audience and host synergizes.
  1. Have a story – An interaction becomes interesting with the base of empathetic story and not formal announcements. Story just not keeps kids glued but every human cutting across gender or nationality. As with story there is always a connecting feel and brings in much necessary human feel. However, the point of being honest and not exaggerated still stands here as well, audience is intelligent, hence hoodwinking will not only NOT Work, but will slide down the credibility. Story telling way communication or interaction supports the reliability commitment

As discussed, the above discussed pointers are effective and elaborative hints to have quicker and optimum transition of audience into customers. Also, the social media itself is in nascent stage and is evolving every other passing second, hence even the methods will re-evolve and innovate and improvise. The above points will also in due course of time be edited / added or subtracted; however the core base will remain intact without much difference. The honest  disclosure and adhering to commitments will be taken up as credible steps not only currently and not only social media but even in future years and among any other medium as well

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